Why Choose Digisend?


Let your recipients pick up their funds within minutes of sending your money


We have taken great strides in ensuring that our IT systems comply with 


Why be restricted by time or location, just send your money from wherever you are.


We work hard to comply with regulatory bodies such as AUSTRAC and AFCA to provide a trusted service

A wide range of ways to move your money around the world. 
Digisend is a customer-first money transfer platform that wants to make sure 
you have a lot of choice in sending funds around the globe
Bank deposit

Securely send money directly
to bank accounts overseas.

Cash pick-up

Collect your cash within
minutes from multiple locations.

Mobile Wallet

Swiftly send directly to
to mobile wallets across the globe.

Be there for your family.

How it works

With Digisend sending money is just a walk in the park. You can actually
do it in four easy steps whichever platform you choose

Sign up

Setting up account is free and only takes seconds.

Add Beneficiary

Quickly add beneficiaries and reuse their info the next time you send.


Make sure you have entered the correct amount and click send.

Get Delivered

Sit back and relax whilst we quickly deliver your funds.

Are you a shop owner and wish to
add a new revenue stream to your business?

Don't hesitate at all, get in touch to become a Digisend Agent

Some questions that may be on your mind

How can I help prevent consumer fraud?

At DIGI-SEND, we take important steps to minimize and cut down on fraud every day. Scams and consumer fraud unfortunately happen in the money transfer industry.

If you wish to learn more follow this link.

Aside from marketing emails that you opt into, DIGI-SEND will never send you an email asking you to open an account. If you have received an email asking you to do so, please disregard it immediately as it is more than likely a telemarketing scam. For more information on consumer fraud, please visit    the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's website ....  Learn more

 How do I send money online?

If you’re new to DIGI-SEND, we warmly welcome you into the family. To send money, you first need to setup an account. Click me to send your first transaction.

If you wish to learn more follow this link.

Usually how you pay affect the speed of delivery. For example paying for your transaction with a Debit/Credit card will immensely speed app the processing process. This means your money could be picked up within minutes... Learn more